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Workplace & culture

Why we love working at Admincontrol!

  • In Admincontrol you become part of a big family. Here people come not just for our positions, but also because they have been recommended starting in Admincontrol. Admincontrol is not just a great place to work,. we are also a big family.

    Julie Byhring

    Marketing Manager

  • I am proud to work in a place where we take our corporate social responsibility seriously. Admincontrol has for many years now had a good cooperation with the aid organization Sabona and contributes to their important work for i.e school children in Zimbabwe. In addition to a warm commitment to Sabona, we in Admincontrol also show great care for each other. We are really good at caring for each other and together ensure a good atmosphere and a top working environment.

    Nina Ferlic

    Lead Client Manager & CSR Officer

  • The culture and team spirit of the Admincontrol sales team is unique. We are committed to working together and to playing each other better, although of course we also have room for some friendly competition between us. We also find our customer groups very exciting, we meet companies and managers who are often part of the news and social debate, and I find that they have great interest and benefit from our products.

    Thomas Bertheau Aaserud

    Senior Sales Executive

Our values

We believe that our future depends on the quality of decisions

  • Smart

  • Passion

  • Trust